Basic Information of Tokelau Country/Region

This page mainly introduces the basic information and frequently asked questions about Tokelau Country/Region

Country/Region Basic Information

Country Name Tokelau
English Name Tokelau (Tokelau)
Other Spellings
Own Country Name Tokelau (Tokelau)
National Flag Nation Flag
Capital Fakaofo
Starts Every Week on Monday
Capital Coordinates -9.38,-171.22
Land Area 12
Population 1,411
2-Letter Country Code TK
3-Letter Country Code TKL
Country Numeric Code 772
Time Zone UTC+13:00
Latitude and Longitude -9,-172
Official Language [eng]English [smo]Samoan [tkl]Tokelauan
International Dialing Code +690
Primary Currency [NZD]New Zealand dollar ($)
Independence No
Landlocked No
UN Member No
Top-Level Domain (TLD) .tk
Region Oceania
Subregion Polynesia
Continent Oceania